Our Mission: The Playground Diaries commits to showcasing the richness of children’s international literature. Our mission is to offer an avenue towards awareness of the treasured histories, traditions, and values often shared with the young of various cultures from around the largest playground – the world. We invite all to read our critical reviews of books, gain insight from our discussions with authors and illustrators, and partake in sharing the lessons and experiences that bond each respective community in hopes of strengthening the connection within the global community at large.

Our Editors:
Jordann Prather is a Senior at San Diego State University. She is pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature. Having been passionate about books since a very young age, Children’s Lit. has always held a special place in her heart. As an adult, and as an editor of The Playground Diaries, Jordann is excited to now explore what makes Children’s books so special and to determine the hidden messages and how they impact a child’s life. Part Irish in blood and full Irish at heart, Jordann will be focusing on Irish Children’s Literature and is looking forward to reading the fantastical stories that are sure to come her way.

As a senior at San Diego State University in the English program, Lauren Gee is an aspiring editor. Although well-rounded in her enjoyment of all genres and age groups of literature, she especially connects to that of children and young adult. She strongly believes that during such an important developmental period, children and adolescence need to strengthen their knowledge of other cultures  to make a better and more tolerant tomorrow. Lauren studies African Literature and therefore focuses on it as an editor of The Playground Diaries.

Derreck Barnes is a San Diego native finishing his last semester at San Diego State University as an English Major. He believes children’s literature is essential in sparking the imagination of new generations as well as in teaching the traditions and influence of various cultures and communities. As an editor for The Playground Diaries, his focus is found in promoting children’s literature centered within Latino cultures.


Rebecca Kassab is a Junior at San Diego State University currently majoring in English as a single subject in hopes of becoming a middle school English teacher. As a current editor for The Playground Diaries, She is specializing in the Arabic culture as she explores Children’s Literature with the help of an Arabic cultural background. Children hold the key to the future, and with her experiences in student teaching and love for reading, Rebecca is sure to create a great path for children to truly adore the meaning of Literature.


Antonia Carr is currently a British exchange student at San Diego State University, majoring in English. She finds she connects well with children’s literature due to the imaginative provocation that authors encourage through their work. Her interest lies largely in the fantasy genre and enjoys the morality found beneath the magic. While working as an editor for The Playground Diaries, Antonia will be exploring the conventions and teachings found within British children’s literature, in the hope of promoting her own culture whilst learning from her colleagues and their chosen cultural focus too.

Dana Felt is a 5-year student at San Diego State University. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, she moved to California in hopes of becoming a writer of fiction novels. Majoring in English Literature, she’s also very interested in Children’s Literature and enjoys using her skills to further her young siblings enthusiasm for reading. As an editor of The Playground Diaries, Dana is committed to helping readers find the best books for  children of all ages.

Katie Brawner, a contributing editor for The Playground Diaries, grew up in San Diego, and is currently studying English with an emphasis in creative writing at San Diego State University. She has taught swimming lessons to children of all ages since she was 15 years old.  Katie hopes to become a children’s book author or an editor of children’s literature to further enrich the lives of children all over the world.


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