“Dr Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas” at The Old Globe, San Diego

the grinch
On a brisk Saturday eve in the month of November,
A group of friends four, leave for a show to remember.
The excitement and joy has been building for this treat,
The thought of revisiting childhood memories leaves us anxious for our seat.

With a sharp rap from the host, “No photography in here please!”
We feel younger than our age and instantly hide behind our knees.
As the lights dim and the show starts,
And the unavoidable quickened beat of our hearts,
I give myself a slight little pinch,
Here I am in San Diego, watching The Grinch.

If you’ve seen the movie with the brilliant Jim Carey,
You won’t be disappointed as this Grinch isn’t too scary,
The clear inspiration runs through Blanchard’s performance,
His humor translates through every smirk and quick glance.

The child actors delivered a feat so great,
Not one got it wrong, Not one came in late.
With special applause for Caitlin McAuliffe – the young Cindy-Lou,
For her courage filled solo, I couldn’t do it, could you?

We’re told Dr Seuss’ tale through the narration of Old Max,
Played extremely well by Steve Gunderson.
As we’re taken through the elderly pup’s past,
This adaptation is impeccably well done.

The set design is adapted from Seuss’ original art,
Something that we were very pleased to see,
Along with the Who’s Who really looked the part,
The costumes alone held the production’s key.

If it’s the musical numbers you enjoy most from this story,
The famous “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch” features twice,
With the option to sing along and join in the glory,
And “Fah Who Doraze” features too, which is nice.

As always, depending on your seating is the price,
But each view is as magical as the sacrifice,
Of your money, as it is a wee bit pricey,
But it’s worth the cost to start off the Christmas season nicely.

The production runs for 90 minutes just,
With no intermission, preparation is a must,
Not a second or moment ought to be missed,
And that’ll keep you from being on that naughty list!

As we reach the inevitable finale of the wonderful Christmas show,
I can’t help but be saddened as I’m sprinkled with fake snow,
The actors take their bows as we commend their cause,
With a more than deserved, long standing applause.

The absolute best part of this evening here,
Is the childlike and Christmassy atmosphere.
Not to mention the incredible singing and acting,
Nothing from Seuss’ original book was lacking,
It’s definitely a show for all ages, so what really is your excuse?
It’s selling out fast as the season draws near
but do not fret, for it will be back again next year!

Buy Tickets to the show!


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