Foothills Christian High presents “The Little Mermaid”

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                                                                             “The Little Mermaid” Event reviewed by Rebecca Kassab

Friday November 30th 2012, was truly a night I will remember for the rest of my life because I had the opportunity of watching an incredibly talented cast of students performing a play of the worldly known Disney Movie “The Little Mermaid”. This performance was given by the junior and senior students at Foothills Christian High school where they put on this magnificent show in their school theatre which was decorated with the spirit of Christmas. Each actor played their part with passion and courage and even added a little twist of their own personalities. The set on stage really embellished the storyline of “The Little Mermaid,” creating a sense of reality for the show. Throughout the entire play I was in awe that these young people had such a graceful and ambitious ability to give such a memorable experience to all their family and friends.
The play consisted of two acts where act 1 had eleven scenes and act 2 had nine scenes. The first scene began on the ocean’s surface where the handsome Prince Eric played by Foothills Christian High school Senior Jack Switzer and his sailors as well as his best friend Grimsby played by senior Michael Cloyd, are preparing for a sail out to sea. Each scene cut was very well prepared and did not leave the audience waiting too long. The actors and set crew really had this well set up and the excitement of what was going to happen next really grew within the audience. I made sure I was sitting in the front row so I could really feel and see every aspect of the performance.  Now of course once the play cut to the next scene it was what the crowd had been waiting for, the beautiful Princess of the sea Ariel and her father King Triton. Now being a huge Little Mermaid fan when I was younger I knew that she was going to be portrayed by a beautiful and outgoing young lady and that she was. Ariel was played by FCHS Senior Heather Armstrong, a young lady whose voice sounded as if her heart and soul were put into it. The gracefulness of her entire performance left a lasting effect on the crowd and kept us all very enlightened by such a sweet character. Ariel along with her six sisters were all very talented young actresses and put a great amount of time and effort into making their characters become their reality. Of course King Triton was an incredible part and he was played by Senior Mark Switzer. As Ariel’s father in the play, Switzer put on an outstanding performance and really perfected the King Triton yell which he had to use quite a few times on Ariel.
Each scene was crafted to perfection and as I continued to watch I fell more and more in love with this long time tale of a young mermaid who falls for a human prince. It was astonishing to see such a brilliant cast being played by potential future Broadway stars, which leads me to my favorite part of the play which was the sea witch Ursula’s character who was played by FCHS’s incredibly talented Amanda Daly, who is destined for greatness. She not only portrayed a perfection of evil, but her singing and acting skills were equally as impressive. I was taken back by the amazement in such an unbelievable performance Amanda put on. I would really love to see her take her talent further in life, along with the other great actors in this play.
I would recommend watching many other performances put on by this wonderful group of students because they really did put on a show that would even leave Walt Disney with his jaw dropped. The cast, crew, stage and even the audience were all very in tune with the show which made for a fantastic night that will be talked about for a lifetime. Great Job to all the actors of the night, best wishes to you all!


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