Coffee House Literature

Children’s Literature in Pop Culture Event

Written By: Dana Felt

The aroma of coffee and tea filled the room when a handful of different ladies sat down at Lestat’s Coffee to discuss Children’s Lit. Any student, graduate, undergraduate or person with an interest in Children’s literature was invited to join this forum. “One of our many goals for the coming year and beyond is to hold open discussion Forums on general topics concerning Children’s Lit,” said the President of the English Department. How to break the ice? POP QUIZ! The SDSU Children’s Lit Grad Students came up with a very unique way to get our minds working in the direction of Children’s Literature, Children’s Movies and Children’s Pop Music. And what a great technique it was. After going through all of the answers, we enthusiastically entered the topic of how Children’s Literature is exploding right now; Fairy Tales to be exact. So many great movies have come out in the past few years–Mirror Mirror, Snow White and the Huntsman, Alice in Wonderland, Dr. Seuss, Hunger Games and more. It’s become a trend to produce these “kid friendly” movies stemming from literature and lets be honest, why not? Most of these movies become top grossing sell-outs!

We made our way into the topic of Children’s Literature taking over our television series today. So many magical and mystical shows are coming out that cater to the younger crowd that are also stemming from Children’s Literature. Series like Grimm, Once Upon a Time, and many others are depicting a Fairy Tale-like structure that is taking over our networks. But with these younger, magic-spell, enchanting series comes the question of why people are embarrassed to watch these new shows. One group member said, “I hate to admit it but “Once Upon a Time” has become my new favorite show”. So why do we hate to admit these things? Is there a bad stereotype associated with these shows? I suppose the child-like adult shows are popular but not getting the credit deserved. Hopefully one day everyone will be able to appreciate the creative techniques and story lines of these enchanted shows.

I found this Children’s Lit discussion forum to be so fun and engaging. Being able about to talk about these new books, movies and shows opens your eyes to how much literature we are constantly surround by. It directly affects our media and families and hopefully is opening new doors into the fun, playful side of our hectic lives.


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