Snack Time: Commentary

An Interview with a Skeleton

Check out Derek Landy’s website, where he has an interview with everyone’s favorite skeleton from his Skulduggery Pleasant series. The transcript of the interview is found here, along with a link to an audio version. To whet your appetite, before you click on these lovely links and head out, here is an excerpt from the interview:

“Being a skeleton. Please discuss!”

Skulduggery: “Ah yes, that whole skeleton thing. It really isn’t as bad as it sounds, you know. I never put on weight, for one thing. I never have a bad hair day, for another. It took a little getting used to, I’ll admit, and for the first few weeks I kept expecting my jaw to fall off, but I like to think that I’ve grown into a very well-adjusted skeleton. I’m happy with who I am, thank you very much.”

**All rights for the excerpted parts from the interview are Derek Landy’s at

** Photo Credit here


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