Snack Time: Commentary

Children’s Movies; Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

There are many things that we try to protect children from these days. Lets face it, there are explicit, violent and inappropriate things that surround our everyday life. With that being said, movies seem to be getting more disturbing and scary every year, so why would children’s movies not be following the same pattern? After reading “Top 10 Kids Movies Inappropriate for Kids” by the Student Life Newspaper, I was compelled to write a commentary on it. Personally, I found it very insightful so I decided to pass it along to my sister who recently had a baby girl.  She also found it extremely helpful and now knows which movies to steer clear of.  I loved how they went into detail about why these movies are not suited for kids. When talking about the movie “Coraline”, the writer made it very clear why parents should not let kids see this dark movie. Apparently there is no good message or value that comes from it, and it also makes working parents seem like a horrible commodity. Now who really wants their child watching this kind of movie?

As an aunt, I don’t want my niece watching movies that make her think she lives a bad life. I also don’t want to be showing movies that are going to make her parents have psychiatric bills to pay, because their daughter cant sleep for fear that monsters with wheels for hands are out to kill her and her friends, as seen in “Return to Oz”.  Knowing now which kids movies to stay away from, I’m so glad to have stumbled across this article. I appreciate their honesty, as brutal as it may have been, and plan on using my new knowledge to make better movie choices for baby-sitting nights!

— Dana Felt


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